Tealight Soy Candles (12-pack)


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  • Natural soy wax ~ we use 100% natural soy wax, an eco-friendly and sustainable resource that’s also free from paraffin and petroleum
  • Long lasting ~ soy wax burns slower and at a lower heat than typical paraffin candles, meaning they’ll last longer
  • Clean burning ~ again due to the awesomeness of soy wax, our candles will hardly emit any soot and related toxins
  • 96 – 120 hours approximate burn time per pack
  • 180g net weight
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Use a packet of tealight soy candles to accompany your soy melts. These candles will last a long time, they’ll burn cleanly and at a low temperature which means your soy melts will last longer too. One pack of these should be enough to melt 4x packets of soy melts, giving you great value and lasting fragrances.

A 12-pack of tealight soy candles is perfect to use in conjunction with our soy melts. Produced in New Zealand using natural soy wax, these provide you with an eco-friendly way to melt your soy candles. Soy wax has many advantages over petroleum-based candles, including burning at a lower heat which means your soy melts will last longer, and they also burn a lot cleaner and don’t product sooty bi-products when burning.

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