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  • Made using natural soy wax ~ we use high quality sustainable and biodegradable natural soy wax.
  • Great value ~ our soy melts are long lasting and reusable over multiple sessions.
  • Make your home or office smell amazing ~ many amazing fragrances to choose from.
  • Compatible with any oil burner ~ it doesn’t matter if you have an electric or traditional ceramic burner.
  • Easy to use ~ no need to add water or other oil, just pop in a block and enjoy.
  • 24 – 36 hours approximate burn time per pack
  • 60g net weight
  • See also: Tealight Soy Candle.
  • Not sure which fragrance you want? Order a Sample Pack.

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Our Soy Melts are a great way to enjoy amazing home fragrances with some mix-and-match variation. Pop out a block of scented soy wax and place it in your oil burner. Your environment will smell amazing, you’ll feel uplifted and it’s great fun too!

You’ll enjoy a luscious scent that will flow through your house, uplifting your mood and impressing anyone who has the pleasure of your company. These are designed to be melted in a ceramic oil burner using tealight candles (or an electric burner) to melt the wax into a pool of heavenly scented liquid.

Soy wax is a renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly resource. It’s a vegetable wax obtained from the soybean meaning it’s not stressful on the environment to produce compared to petroleum-based wax.


For best results use a tealight soy candle to heat your Soy Melts. This is because soy candles burn at a lower temperature than petroleum-based candles, which means your soy melt will last longer as the fragrance won’t burn off as quickly. Plus, they’ll burn a lot cleaner and don’t produce sooty bi-products while burning.

17 reviews for Soy Melts

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    I ordered soy tealight candles, they burn nice and slow without any harsh fumes. Also I purchased at a shop soy melts. I found they have just the right perfume without being overpowering and I find when using the soy tealight candles, the melts last longer as it is a softer heat. 😃

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    Jo Ryan (verified owner)

    Loving your soy melts! Such a great idea to offer sample packs so you can try the different fragrances. I did this for my first order and I’ve just received my 2nd order for my favourite ones. Great service and fast delivery

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    Brooke Dibley

    I got the pohutukawa melts and mandarin mimosa melts at the geberal collective market.. I have warmed the pohutukawa so far and it’s lovely! It has a good through and a really nice scent. Love it!

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    I bought the vanilla flavour of these at the womens lifestyle expo. Great product highly fragrant, perfect size for burner.

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    Donna Hutton (verified owner)

    Purchased the French Pear melts, just beautiful.
    Normally Buy Ecoya so was looking for some new fragrances to try 8-)
    Purchased the French Pear to compare to Ecoya and am very happy, will purchase some more for sure.

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    Deirdre Chitty (verified owner)

    I ordered Lemongrass and green tea, rose, and patchouli. I had never tried soy melts before. Loved the fragrances and my house smells gorgeous for all my Christmas visitors!

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    Angela Jones (verified owner)

    Delivery very quick and I love the fragrances! Thx

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    I love your soy melts! In love with French Pear. Even my kids have commented on the gorgeous smell :)

    Coming back soon to stock up on more.

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    Jenny (verified owner)

    I bought nearly all the different flavours because I couldn’t choose just one, I’m currently burning Dragons Blood and OMG it is amazing, smells just like the incense I love but without all the smoke now that I have a toddler in the house, I bought an electric burner and these work great with it.

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    Jo Strang

    I bought 6 different scents and am currently burning green tea and lemongrass. It smells divine and permeates the whole house. I burn one upstairs and one downstairs. I’m selling my house and have had lots of comments on how gorgeous my house smells. Will definitely be stocking up again soon! :)

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    Hayley (verified owner)

    Love Little Olive Tree Soy melts, ordered the lemongrass and ginger and they are divine! Can not wait to order more products.

    Fast and friendly service.


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    Megan E.

    My house smells gorgeous, delivery was quick and communication was amazing. Couldn’t have asked for better service or product. Keep it up , I’ll be ordering again!!

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    Angela J.

    Recently bought some of these and I love them!

  14. Avatar

    Danielle S.

    lovely and sweet scent, i like something a bit stronger but would buy this again

  15. Avatar

    Danielle S.

    what a relaxing, sensual peaceful scent, helps to unwind

  16. Avatar

    Danielle S.

    a great way to end a Sunday night, getting jobs done, relaxing more and beautiful scents filling the room, peaceful and relaxing

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    Mark A.

    Service delivery and product was excellent.

    House is smelling like roses again.

    Many Thanks

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