Soy Melt Combo Pack

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This Soy Melt Combo Pack gives you a quick and easy way to make your home or office smell amazing. You’ll even save a few bucks too!

In this pack you’ll receive:

  • 1x Soy Melts
  • 1x Wax Melt Burner
  • 1x Tealight Soy Candles (6-pack)
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  • Soy Melts

  • Wax Melt Burner

  • Tealight Soy Candles

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Our Soy Melts are a great way to enjoy amazing home fragrances with some mix-and-match variation. Pop out a block of scented soy wax and place it in your oil burner. Your environment will smell amazing, you’ll feel uplifted and it’s great fun too!

You’ll enjoy a luscious scent that will flow through your house, uplifting your mood and impressing anyone who has the pleasure of your company.

Soy wax is a renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly resource. It’s a vegetable wax obtained from the soybean meaning it’s not stressful on the environment to produce compared to petroleum-based wax.


For best results use a tealight soy candle to heat your Soy Melts. This is because soy candles burn at a lower temperature than petroleum-based candles, which means your soy melt will last longer as the fragrance won’t burn off as quickly. Plus, they’ll burn a lot cleaner and don’t produce sooty bi-products while burning.