Minty Foot Scrub

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  • Revitalise your feet ~ a nice hot soak followed by a minty foot scrub will make your feet feel like new again.
  • Perfect for dry or cracked feet ~ a hot soak followed by a foot scrub will remove dead skin and leave them feeling soft.
  • Completely natural ~ this product is 100% natural from tip to toe, use this with confidence and peace of mind.
  • Essential oils ~ naturally derived essential oils will pamper your feet.

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Our Minty Foot Scrub will give your feet the attention they deserve – after all, they do carry you around all day! Giving them a nice hot soak followed by a Minty Foot Scrub treatment is the perfect way to pay them back.

This simple blend is loaded with minerals to help your feet feel like new, remove dead skin and replenish cracked heels. Enjoy a mineral-rich experience with our generous helping of mineral salts and specifically chosen oils.


For maximum satisfaction soak your feet in hot water for 10 – 15 minutes (you can optionally add a small helping of Minty Foot Scrub into the water and soak in it). Then, take a small helping of Minty Foot Scrub and rub it over your feet paying special attention to any sore or especially dry/cracked areas.

After a generous scrub ‘n rub place your feet back in the water to soak again for another few minutes. Pat dry with a soft towel and enjoy a minty tingle!

For the ultimate experience, follow up your foot scrub with the final touch by applying some Minty Foot Balm. This will deliver some wonderful nutrients & oils to your feet and will provide a long-lasting balm to soak in over time.


1 review for Minty Foot Scrub

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    Made my feet feel like they were cool once I took them out of the spa. The oil also made me feel like I had moisturised them.

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