Fractal Soy Candle Vanilla

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  • Wooden wicks ~ you’ll hear the wicks ‘crackle’ as they burn, adding to the experience
  • Relaxing and uplifting ~ scented candles are a great way to unwind or prepare for guests
  • Make your place smell amazing ~ perfect for making your home or office smell great
  • Works as a decor piece ~ not only do these smell amazing, they’ll make a visual impact too
  • Natural wax ~ we use top quality natural & eco-friendly soy wax, paraffin and petroleum free
  • Great value ~ one of these lasts approximately 50 hours (small) or 140 hours (large)
  • You’ll have a gorgeous jar to use once it’s finished ~ do something creative with your jar, for instance, some people like to use it to hold flowers
  • 50/140 hours approximate burn time
  • 170g/555g net weight

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This Vanilla Fractal Soy Candle is a great way to uplift and invigorate your place of pleasure or business. This is a classic, traditional and simple vanilla fragrance. One of the world’s most popular flavours and scents, vanilla requires no introduction. This fragrance brings you the gentle and uplifting scent that you love.

Provide your place with a luscious scent that will permeate through the air, bringing you a sense of relaxation and enjoyment that only a scented soy candle can bring. Have visitors on the way? Light one of these 60 minutes before they arrive and they’ll be impressed when they’re greeted by an amazing smell! The best thing about these comes from the advantages of soy wax, a sustainable & eco-friendly resource. They burn cleanly, they hold and throw their fragrance well, and they last a long time due to lower burning temperatures. These really are the perfect alternative to paraffin (petroleum) based candles!

We use American softwood for our wicks, which is also a renewable and eco-friendly resource. The wood gives a relaxing ‘crackle’ sound as it burns which adds another level of relaxation and enjoyment to your experience. Our wooden wicks aren’t bleached or treated with any chemicals, so they’re safe to use around pets, children and you!

For maximum enjoyment of your scented soy candle, we recommend reading this quick article we put together. It has some tips & tricks to help you get the most out of your purchase.


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