Our family was directly effected by melanoma when Nicola was diagnosed in 2009. This period proved to be a real roller coaster ride of emotions, but thanks to the support of our family and friends and from the medical expertise within New Zealand we are in a better place now. In many ways this experience was the catalyst that eventually brought Little Olive Tree into existence. It was all a major wake up call for us and a reminder that our skin is truly special, which is why we strive so hard to provide simple, clean and healthy skin care products.

Giving Back to the Community

Now we’re proud supporters of Melanoma New Zealand, a non-profit charity that aims to prevent avoidable deaths from melanoma and provide support to those affected by it.

We’re here because melanoma is a greatly misunderstood form of cancer. People think it’s ‘just skin cancer’, not realising it has the potential to be fatal if discovered too late. Unlike some other cancers, once melanoma has migrated into the body it is hard to treat.

– Melanoma NZ

Show Your Support When Buying from Us

NZ (and Australia) have the highest melanoma rates in the world. If you would like to make a small contribution, or even a large one, please include a donation with your purchase. All proceeds will be passed on directly to Melanoma New Zealand on your behalf. Our thanks go out to every person who helps :)