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Nicola from Little Olive Tree


I'm Nicola from Little Olive Tree.

Originally hailing from South Africa, I spent a number of years travelling the UK before arriving in New Zealand in 2005.

My first impression of Aotearoa was a good one and I've been here ever since. I've fallen in love with the country and the people and am now proud to be a permanent resident.

We’re a small business located in Cambridge, New Zealand. We spend our days researching & creating a natural beauty range that we're proudly bringing to the people of this wonderful world.

We’re a family-operated team here and we incorporate our own touch of personal meaning into everything we do. You can be sure that everything offered is presented with love, affection, care & pride.

Little Olive

Little Olive

Little Olive is the inspiration behind everything that we do here at Little Olive Tree, she continuously gives us a sense of drive, passion and humour. She has inspired us to incorporate full dedication and tenderness to our brand by reminding us of what really matters in life, health and happiness.

Her hobbies include being noisy, refusing to sleep and eating like a boss. She is our primary quality assurance agent here at Little Olive Tree, every new item that we produce is scrupulously inspected and tested by her.

Our Story

Back in 2009, before Little Olive Tree was even an idea, we experienced a pretty serious melanoma scare. During the roller coaster ride of emotions that followed we came to a pretty simple realisation - life is short and your skin is amazing.
Our scare plus the birth of our daughter meant that suddenly the things we put on our skin became really important. We wanted no more harsh chemicals, no more unneeded additives and no more confusing ingredients labels.

Fast forward a few years and we’re stoked to be healthy & happy! Now we’re focused and committed to giving New Zealand a natural & simple option for body care & home fragrance – all proudly made with love and care in Aotearoa.

The Name

“Little Olive” is a reference to our daughter, her middle name is ‘Olive’. When she was born we found ourselves in awe of how children grow, learn and how they see such beauty in everything the world offers.

To celebrate Little Olive’s arrival we planted a pōhutukawa tree on the slopes of Mt. Victoria (Wellington, New Zealand). Our tree is a place of special importance for our family and somewhere we visit often. This, of course, is how the name “Little Olive Tree” was born.

By including our daughter’s middle name and our place of special meaning into our business name we have incorporated full dedication & tenderness to our brand.

Our Vision

To create natural products that will invigorate, uplift and indulge your senses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that all products include ingredients that are from ethically sourced distributors and that product, wherever possible, consist of natural ingredients.

Ensuring that our customers receive products and service of the utmost quality.

Allowing information regarding our products and ingredients to be clear and concise to allow customers to make informed decisions regarding products that they will be inviting into their lives.

Always ensuring that customers and staff feel like they are on the journey with us as a family run business. Treating each person as an individual, especially regarding staff where teamwork is a high priority.

Allowing each customer to feel that they are important and acknowledged as an individual by adding a personal touch to every order.

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