Springtime In The Garden

There is an old Chinese proverb that says “She who plants a garden, plants happiness” and I have to say, I totally agree!
This year our homes have become our sanctuaries away from the craziness of the world and a beautiful garden is a haven.  Winter is over and longer, warmer days are the perfect time to get outside in the fresh air and get your hands dirty.
I am no green-fingered guru by any stretch of the imagination so this Spring I have decided to focus on two aspects of our garden:
  1. A Waterwise Garden

With water restrictions becoming more common each summer, I want to create a garden that will still look good in dry conditions.  I love Mediterranean and South African plants like succulents, agapanthus, lavender, rosemary  The blue and purple flowers are wonderful for attracting bees.  I like native Pittosporums too, they grow quickly and look great all year round.
This year I will mulch around my plants. It’s an investment but is extremely effective at retaining moisture in the soil.  A covering of mulch also helps prevent the weeds from growing, and that’s a big plus for me!
  1. An Animal-Friendly Garden

Our girls (and Chappie of course!) love helping out in the garden so I thought we could have fun together with some projects to attract animals to our garden.  
We are keen to make a pinecone bird feeder to hang in a tree.  It's a very easy project and I know the girls will be thrilled to see the birds flying in for a feed.  
We are also planning to fill a bowl with sugar water for the Tuis, Bellbirds and Silvereyes.  
We love watching the Monarch butterflies that find our swan plant and hope that they will lay their eggs there again this year.
Look After Your Hardworking Hands
After a day in the garden, our hands are always dry and chapped, even if we wear gloves!  
I love to rub Minty Foot Scrub on my hands - it is great for getting stubborn dirt out of the cracks, while exfoliating any roughness away.  I always follow this with my Hand Lotion.  The floral and herby essential oils are perfect after a gardening session.  
If there are any extra-dry patches on my knuckles or cuticles, I massage some Minty Foot Balm into those areas.  The mango butter, olive oil and beeswax deeply nourish those rougher spots and the peppermint oils leave a lovely fresh, tingling feeling on my tired hands.
The Perfect Gift For Gardeners
If you are starting your Christmas shopping early, we have the perfect idea for the avid gardeners in your life.  
A Minty Foot Scrub and Minty Foot Balm beautifully wrapped together with a gardening magazine or packet of seeds is a thoughtful gift that will certainly be appreciated.  Of course, don’t forget to order some for yourself!  
I would love to hear your gardening tips or ideas in the comments.  Happy spring gardening everyone!

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