Reed Diffuser Tips and Tricks

Reed Diffusers have become very popular and trendy over the last few years. A Reed Diffuser is a great way to add an interesting visual element to your home or office, and obviously they smell great too. It’s a win-win!

Reed Diffusers come in many shapes and forms. Some are totally awesome, while others (usually the cheaper ones) aren’t so great. The general idea behind them is always the same. They work via diffusion. What does this actually mean?

In a nutshell, this basically means that it works via evaporation. The reed sticks will soak up the fragrance oil, which is then released (evaporated) into the air giving off their amazing smells. As the reed sticks dry from the top they’re able to soak up more oil, continuing the cycle.

So, what’s the best way to get the most use and enjoyment out of your diffuser? Glad you asked!

Reed Diffuser Tips and Tricks

Reed Diffuser

  • Room size ~ generally bigger rooms call for a bigger (or multiple) diffusers, though of course this is a matter of personal preference.
  • Position ~ you have a few options depending on your desire. If you want to greet visitors with a pleasant smell as they walk into your home or office, place your diffuser close to the entrance. If you’d rather have a subtle wafting fragrance throughout a particular room or area, place your diffuser somewhere with good airflow. Also, keep in mind that being placed near a very drafty area (such as next to an open window) will cause your diffuser to evaporate faster and therefore it won’t last as long as it could.
  • Flip your reed sticks ~ over time your reed sticks will pick up dust. Therefore we recommend you flip your reed sticks every so often to get a fresh burst of fragrance. About once every 3 – 6 days is fine in most cases, but you can do this as little or often as you want. It’s personal preference really. You can also flip your reed sticks just prior to guests arriving to greet them with a fresh burst of fragrance. If you’re going away for a few days flip your sticks as you leave, you’ll return home to a nice smell rather than a stuffy house smell.
  • Clean before refilling ~ if you’ve come to the end of your diffuser or you just want to try a new fragrance, then you can purchase a Reed Diffuser Refill Kit. You’ll receive a new (clean) set of reed sticks, plus some fresh fragranced oil to use. It’s important to clean your original diffuser jar out thoroughly using hot water, and let it dry completely before refilling. Your old reed sticks will be dusty and clogged, replace your old reed sticks with fresh ones provided.
  • Protect your surface ~ (optional) you’re dealing with oils here. Oil can mark or stain surfaces pretty easily. If you’re concerned about this then place your diffuser on a decorative plate or a coaster. This also gives another way to make your diffuser an amazing visual piece.

Amazing Reed Diffusers by Little Olive Tree

Reed Diffusers

One of our Reed Diffusers will deliver amazing fragrances for your office or home for up to 6 months. This is terrific value for money, and you’ll be enjoying a great NZ product! These are presented in a stylish 120ml glass jar and come with 8 reed sticks ready to go.

We offer these in a range of fragrances, check them out here and buy online.

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