It’s Time to Choose Your Winter Fragrances


There is a faint but unmistakable fragrance in the air when the cooler temperatures start. When you walk outside you can smell the wood fires scent filtering through the air.

The science of smell is a serious business! Companies around the world are creating signature scents and pumping them into shops, hotels, and offices to create an emotional connection with customers or energise employees.

Smell Affects The Way We Feel and Behave 

Our sense of smell is directly linked to the parts of our brains that regulate our mood and memory.  Some fragrances are known to be uplifting and energising, while others are calming and sensual.  

Each season comes with its own emotions and feelings, evoked by the changing temperature, landscape and daylight hours.  Just as our wardrobe and daily rhythms change with the season, so too should our home and body fragrances.

Our Favourite Winter Fragrances

As the winter weather rolls in, we bring out our snuggly soft blankets and cosy socks.  We spend more time indoors, enjoying comfort food, crackling fires, and good books.  

We tend to choose winter scents that are a little richer and heavier, creating a warm, comforting feeling inside when it's cold and dark outside.  Think woody, musky and spicy...mulled wine and crackling fires!

Some of our most popular winter home fragrances are:

  • Vanilla - Classic and traditional with a gentle, comforting and uplifting scent.  Creates a nurturing sense of contentment
  • Sandalwood & Musk - Sandalwood and creamy vanilla blend with warm musk and a hint of exotic spices to create this warm blend.
  • Dragon’s Blood - An unusual, alluring, haunting and mysterious scent. With a slight touch of patchouli and warming notes of amber and incense, this is a unique and unforgettable fragrance. 
  • French Pear - This scent captures the distinctive fragrance of the French brandied sweet pear. Alluring and decadent, reminiscent of luxurious cashmere and a glowing fire.

Of course, if you want to keep those Summer feelings alive, our energising and fresh, tropical fragrances like Coconut and Lime and Frangipani will take you back to days of sunshine and sea sand.

It’s the perfect time to fill each room in your home with distinctive fragrance.  Our scents can be enjoyed in your choice of Metro Soy Candles, Soy Melts and Reed Diffusers.

All of our candles are made in New Zealand with high quality 100% natural soy wax which burns cleanly.  


Layer Your Fragrance

You might be wearing your winter woolies but don't forget to treat yourself to seasonal fragrances in your skincare too.  Take care of your body during winter with our rich Coffee Body Scrub, comforting Rose and Vanilla Body Butter or nourishing Shea Butter Lip Balm.  Our Bath Salts are always popular at this time of year, for a long soak to warm chilly bones!

Every ingredient in our body care range is 100% natural and has been thoughtfully selected to care for your skin and uplift your senses.  If you’re already in need of a winter skintervention, we can help!


Beat Those Winter Blues

Let’s celebrate all that is special about winter by filling our homes with the warmth and comfort of winter fragrances.  And love, of course!


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