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Here at Little Olive Tree we’re always focused on creating natural products to invigorate, uplift and indulge your senses.

All of the amazing smells described below are available to purchase in our Soy Candles, Reed Diffusers and Soy Melts.

  • Coconut & Lime: Lime provides an energizing and fresh aroma. It has a long history in folklore for its ability to cleanse, purify and renew the spirit and mind. This is complemented with a dash of coconut, which extends the scent with a newly fallen coconut split to reveal a creamy & sweet 
  • Cranberry & Pomegranate: This combination delivers a warm and sweet blend of cranberry mixed with pomegranate. Additional notes include lime, lemon, black raspberry and a slight hint of vanilla.
  • Dragon’s Blood: Dragon’s blood is an unusual, alluring, haunting and mysterious scent. With a slight touch of patchouli and warming notes of amber and incense, this is a great fragrance that offers something really different. Obtained from various related plant species, it’s a bright red resin which has been used since ancient times as an incense, dye, medicine and varnish.
  • Frangipani: The frangipani tree is most commonly found in tropic areas such as many Pacific islands, the Caribbean, South America and Mexico. It has been used in perfumery since at least the 1500s and offers a lush, rich and complex floral fragrance. Modern industry has crossbred many varieties of frangipani each with their own slightly unique floral scent.
  • French Lavender: Lavender is an evergreen shrub in the mint family. It’s originally native to Europe, Africa and Asia but is now found all over the world. It has many helpful properties and has been used in incense, healing salves and for medicinal use for thousands of years. This scent offers traditional lavender fragrances enhanced by a touch of clary sage, patchouli & rosemary.
  • French Pear: This scent captures the natural scent of the French brandied sweet pear, a common recipe bringing both an amazing taste and amazing smell.
  • Green Tea & Lemongrass: This is a wonderfully refreshing scent combining the refreshing notes of green tea with the uplifting and clean notes of lemongrass to create a unique fragrance. Green tea originated in China but has since spread to the rest of the world, while lemongrass has been widely used by many cultures for its amazing smell and healing salves.
  • Honeysuckle & Sweet Pea: A fresh honeysuckle blend with hints of jasmine, rose, and lilac, combined with an English garden reminiscent of hyacinth, lily of the valley, violets and wild jasmine. Topped off with a background of light herbal and musky notes.
  • Jasmine: There are many species of jasmine, an evergreen shrub favouring tropical climates with strong ties to Europe, India and Asia. This particular scent offers an exotic blend of freshly cut jasmine flowers with a pinch of honeysuckle.
  • Lemongrass & Ginger: This scent offers a zingy, sharp and balanced fragrance. Lemongrass brings its distinct citrus twist while ginger offers a sharp and intense opening note. This is a great balance between sharp and soothing.
  • Lychee & Black Tea: This amazing fragrance offers the delicate aroma of black tea contrasted with the sweet-tart elements of the exotic lychee fruit, giving this scent a bold and uplifting experience. The lychee is a tropical fruit tree originally native to certain areas of China and now grows in many tropical climates around the world.
  • Mandarin & Mimosa: This fragrance offers a combination of many amazing smells blended together. It opens with crisp dew fruit, mandarin orange, tangerines and sweet berries. This is followed by a medley of pineapple, mimosa blossoms, peaches, plums, jasmine and subtle lavender. A hint of lily and vanilla is also present.
  • Patchouli: Patchouli, a bushy herb of the mint family, offers a warm and earthy fragrance. Its heavy and strong scent has been used for centuries in perfumes and incense. It’s found primarily in warm to tropical climates and thrives in hot weather.
  • Pine Needles: Enjoy the beautiful and fresh smell of pine needles. This fragrance is unmistakable and will bring your mind back to the deep woods and leave you feeling intouch with nature and refreshed.
  • Pohutukawa: The sweet fragrance of pohutukawa, a well recognised New Zealand native tree with striking red blooms. 
  • Rose: Rose is a timeless and classic fragrance loved by all. This sweet blend captures a fresh spring rose in full bloom, with its unmistakable and alluring sense of beauty and softness.
  • Rosewood & Musk: This warm fragrance combines an earthy musk with notes of rosewood and vanilla. A very warm and down-to-earth fragrance, with a hint of creamy vanilla and exotic spices.
  • Sandalwood: Used for hundreds (thousands?) of years throughout many cultures, sandalwood symbolises letting go and peace-of-mind. It is used to promote spirituality and compassion among many people across the world.
  • Sandalwood & Musk: Sandalwood and creamy vanilla blend with warm musk and a hint of exotic spices to create this warm blend.
  • Vanilla: This is a classic, traditional and simple vanilla fragrance. One of the world’s most popular flavours and scents, vanilla requires no introduction. This fragrance brings you the gentle and uplifting scent that you love.

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