At Home With Me

Customers often ask me what my favourite Little Olive Tree products are, so I thought it was time to give you a glimpse of how we use our products at home!

A Fragrance for Every Room

I LOVE beautiful fragrances and you will definitely notice that in our house!
What I particularly love about all our home fragrance products is that they don’t contain any toxic chemicals so I can layer scent all around my home, with total peace of mind that we aren’t breathing in any nasties.
In our living area, I like to change it up often and experiment with new scents. I usually use a mixture of Soy Melts, Soy Candles, and Reed Diffusers, depending on the season and the occasion.
When I am doing a house clean, I love to fill the house with fresh, invigorating scents. At the moment I have French Pear – it’s a classic, timeless, and exquisite fragrance.
I tend to use lighter fragrances in our kitchen to keep it smelling fresh. I am currently really enjoying Pine Needles – it’s light and clean!
Bathrooms are perfect for reed diffusers – they keep the room smelling fresh and inviting without the need to worry about a flame burning unattended.
Cranberry and Pomegranate is my usual choice – it’s invigorating with hints of lime and vanilla.
I also love my Vanilla Reed Diffuser in my bedroom. The warmth of vanilla makes the room feel like my sanctuary.

100% Natural, 100% Goodness

I use all of the Little Olive Tree skin products! I’ve had a melanoma scare and I am very careful about what I put on my skin – definitely no synthetic chemicals and preservatives.
In summer I prefer our Body Lotion because it is non-greasy and lightly fragrances my skin. It is easily absorbed and I don’t feel sticky when applying sunscreen over it during the day.
In winter I adore Body Butter – I can feel the rich, nourishing blend of natural oils absorbing deep into my skin. It really keeps my skin soft and moisturised during the colder months.
My favourite scent in lotion and butter is Rose & Vanilla – it’s heavenly!
When I have the time, I love to treat myself to a long, relaxing bath infused with Lavender Bath Salts. I just lie back in the water and let the essential oils and mineral salts do all the work…
My favourite Little Olive Tree product has to be our Minty Foot Balm. I use it every morning when I get dressed and I especially love how it soothes my sore feet after a hard day. Plus, over the years I have realised what an amazing all-round balm it is so we are never without a tin close at hand!
Everyone in the family uses Shea Butter Lip Balm and we each have our personal preference! Gavin and I like Peppermint and Spearmint – he always keeps his in the fridge so it is especially cooling after a day out on the beach.
Our kids love Vanilla and they have many tins – in their bedrooms, school bags, tog bags – they always have one nearby!

Products You Can Trust

I created Little Olive Tree because I wanted to care for myself and my family without harsh chemicals, unnecessary additives, and confusing ingredients labels.
It is very important to me that all of our products are 100% natural and can be used by anyone in the home.
They only do good and they make your life better because I know for sure that what really matters in life is health and happiness!

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