Winter Skin Essentials

Winter Skin Essentials
A change in season can also be a good time to change your product.

Do you ever feel like winter gets the better of you? We look forward to a break from the summer heat, but once the cold sets in it can be a real shock to the system! Don’t let winter get to you, here are some winter skin essentials to help you embrace the cold and enjoy the winter chill.

  1. Sunscreen ~ first things first, make sure to protect your skin from the sun! It may seem trivial but take it from me, looking after your skin and protecting it from the sun is something you should always take into consideration. If you’re planning on spending some extended time outdoors, slap on some sunscreen!
  2. Pick good product ~ be mindful of the product that you’re using. Generally, choosing a natural product is much better for your skin in the long run. Big brand expensive products aren’t necessarily better than naturally produced and simpler product. The most important thing is how your skin responds to the product and how good it makes you feel, not how expensive it is.
  3. Moisturise more ~ you’ve probably got a preferred product that you’ve been using over the spring and summer. That’s great, but keep in mind that the air becomes colder and drier during winter. You might have to increase how frequently you moisturise to keep your skin from suffering from dryness. As the changes in season occur, you might want to consider changing your favourite products to reflect this. We recommend looking for an oil-rich product in order to really lock in moisture and help combat the dry air.

The Perfect Winter Companion

Little Olive Tree Hand and Body Lotion

Some of our Hand and Body Lotion will deliver the smooth and creamy nourishment that your skin needs during winter. Perfect for your hands (& cuticles) and equally suitable as a general moisturising cream, you’ll love this product. Plus, there is a range of fragrances available!

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