Scented Candles or Reed Diffusers?

There’s something magical about the power of fragrance and its ability to change our emotions – to uplift and invigorate or calm and soothe.  

I know that our customers feel the same way because two of our most popular products are our reed diffuser sets and our range of scented candles.  

Should I Use a Candle or Reed Diffuser to Fragrance My Home

I often get asked this question. That’s a bit like asking which child you love best! They have different qualities that make them best suited for different situations and areas of your home.

Scented Soy Candles

Little Olive Tree Metro Scented Soy Candle

Love this candle and fragrance. The best I have tried and far better value than other brands I have purchased in the past.

Tabatha G

Perfect for creating ambience…

Lighting a candle can instantly change the mood of a room – the flickering flame and crackling wooden wick create a special atmosphere whether you are alone or celebrating an occasion with loved ones.  Our Memorial Candles are a meaningful way to honour a loved one’s life.

Add to your home decor…

Our Metro Scented Soy Candles come in classic glass votives that look beautiful alone on a table or as part of a shelf display.  Our Scented Travel Soy Candles come in gorgeous aluminium tins with lids, perfect for the bach!

Very long-lasting…

Customers often comment on how long our candles last for – our medium-size candles can burn for up to 50 hours!  Here are some tips to care for your candle to ensure a long life.

Nice and ecofriendly…

We only use high-quality, natural & renewable soy wax, which burns cleanly for longer, unlike paraffin and petroleum-based candles.

Our glass and aluminium containers are completely reusable and recyclable too, which people love!

We can refill your jars…

Our glass votives are refillable – just get in touch to have your new candle poured.  If you have a container that matches your decor or is sentimental to you, we can also pour a candle in that.

Reed Diffusers

Little Olive Tree Reed Diffuser 120ml

“I purchased this product and absolutely loved it. Have since purchased the refill and will purchase more too.”

Judith C

Versatile to suit almost any space…

Did you know that reed diffusers can be placed almost anywhere? Common areas are living areas and bookshelves, as well as toilets and bathrooms. You can also put a small diffuser in your linen and clothes cupboards to subtly scent your items.

One advantage of diffusers over candles is that they are not a fire hazard, especially around children and pets.  Just set it down and forget!

Enjoy a continuous fragrance…

It’s simple – place your reed diffuser where you want and let it do its work! They are designed to let fragrance disperse slowly over time, creating a subtle scent that is a delight to come home to.

If you want to adjust the fragrance intensity, you can turn your reed sticks more or less often.

Elegant and natural…

Reed diffusers add something special to any room, with beautiful glass containers and natural reed sticks. Not only do they smell great, but they also make a great addition to the overall decor to your room.

Fragrances that lasts for months…

Our 120ml reed diffusers can last up to 12 months if kept in a draft-free area. We are sometimes told that they are still going strong even after an entire years use!  Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your diffuser.

An ecofriendly option…

We only use high-quality alcohol-free oil in our Reed Diffusers. Unlike some diffuser oils, it’s VOC (volatile organic compound) and CARB (Californian Air Resource Board) compliant. That means that it’s releasing harmful stuff into the air in your environment.

Easily refillable your old jars…

When your diffuser is empty, all you need to do is buy a Reed Diffuser Refill Kit.  It comes with 8x fresh reed sticks and 145ml of reed diffuser fragrance oil, plus some instructions on how to easily and safely clean our any leftover oil from your jar.

You don’t have to choose just one!

Candles and reed diffusers are a simple, elegant way to add layers of fragrance and beauty to your home or office.

If you want help choosing a fragrance, we have a Home Fragrance Guide to assist you.

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