How to Use Body Butter

Body butter is a great way to pamper yourself and will help a lot with dry skin. Though, these days there are so many topical products on offer that it can be overwhelming. We have lotions, creams, ointments, pastes, moisturisers and of course, body butter. So, let’s talk about how to use body butter. A good starting question is how is it different from, say, a lotion or cream?

How Is Body Butter Different from Lotions?

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If you’ve used a lot of lotions but have never used a body butter then you’re missing out! One of the major distinctions is that a lotion, by definition, contains water. Body butters, on the other hand, contain butters and oil only. You still see some brands using water in products that they call ‘body butter’ – but as soon as water is introduced in reality it becomes a lotion. Therefore an ideal body butter is literally a buttery texture; firm to the touch yet becoming soft as you work it. This is totally different to lotions, which contain a lot of water and are much ‘lighter’ to use. Because body butter contains no water it will last much longer on your skin. Water-based products typically evaporate quickly, and the ingredients that remain give a short term appearance of moisturised skin by reducing water loss (by physically blocking pores).

Basically, a good body butter should be much more effective at deeply penetrating the skin and providing unbeatable nourishment and conditioning. In the case of Little Olive Tree, our body butters are rich in shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E oil and beeswax. These ingredients combine to give a luxurious topical and 100% natural product.

How to Use Body Butter

Essentially you should use a body butter in the same way that you use a lotion. Some people prefer to avoid using a body butter on their face due to the oiliness, though others prefer this to a lotion. It really comes down to personal preference.

For best results we recommend that you apply directly from the shower or bath on a daily basis. After drying, apply a dollop of body butter directly to your skin.  Rub it in gently using firm broad strokes, if your muscles are sore in that area feel free to massage it in. Keep rubbing until all body butter is absorbed. If your skin is too greasy for your liking, continue to rub until your skin absorbs it.

Pro tip: keep in mind that a little goes a long way – don’t overdo it or you might find that your skin becomes too greasy for your liking.

If you have particular regions that are especially dry, strained or calloused, consider applying a little extra and kneading these areas well. Examples of such areas are hands, feet, knees and elbows. Finger and toe cuticles also love being smothered in body butter, but obviously, you probably won’t need to apply a dollop to these areas – just remember to rub your fingers/toes after applying to your body.

Finally, if you feel that your skin is especially dry then you might consider applying some butter before bed. By using body butter as part of your morning and (if desired) evening routine, you’ll do your skin a massive favour that lotions alone can’t offer. And that my friends is how to use body butter!

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