Artisan Soy Candles to Fragrance Your Home

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately been captured by a subtle, mysterious fragrance? Candles are one of our favourite ways to add a sense of personality and elegant comfort to our homes, giving them their signature scent memory.

Artisan Soy Candles

Thousands of years ago, candles were a practical necessity to provide light. Beeswax candles were very expensive and only used in religious ceremonies so people made candles out of animal fat, even collecting kitchen fat to do the job during the Middle Ages. I’m so glad we’ve advanced since then! Not surprisingly these candles gave off a very smoky flame and an unpleasant smell so different cultures started experimenting with ways to add a more pleasing scent.

In our modern world, candles have now evolved into items of luxury, decorating our homes and filling them with a gorgeous fragrance.

What Makes Our Candles so Special

Little Olive Tree Metro Scented Soy Candle

There has been some chatter online about the ingredients that go into candles.

The internet is saturated with opinions and it can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed when you are just trying to make good choices to live a natural, healthy and beautiful life.

Let me explain why I have selected the unique ingredients that go into each of our candles, and why I believe they create a candle that is best for you.

Natural Wax

Cheap candles are made from a paraffin-based wax produced from petroleum, coal and other fossil fuels. We prefer to use soy wax as it is a natural, plant-based product.

It’s produced from soybeans which are a renewable resource and have little negative impact on the environment. The bean husks that remain after processing are used as animal feed so there is no unnecessary waste.

The humble soybean…

Soy wax creates a high-quality candle that burns at a lower temperature than paraffin-based wax. This means that they give you more hours of burning time and enjoyment. They also burn cleanly with very little soot emitted by the flame.

Wooden Wicks

Our candles at Little Olive Tree really stand out from others because of our wonderful wooden wicks. We’ve chosen these because most cotton wicks are infused with chemicals and burn unpredictably.

Our wooden wicks are made from American Softwood and burn cleanly and consistently. They also last longer than cotton wicks. Our customers have told us they love the crackling sound they make as they burn!

Fragrance Oils

Did you know that there’s a difference between fragrance oils and essential oils?

Many essential oils have been shown to be flammable and volatile when heated, which is obviously not what we want in our candles. Essential oils are also not as sustainable because they need huge amounts of plant matter to produce a little oil. It takes a ton of rose petals to create 1kg of rose oil!

Read more about essential oils here.

We prefer to use high-quality fragrance oils in our candles as they ultimately create a safe, reliable product. They are stable at high temperatures and their perfume lasts longer with an excellent scent throw, meaning that the fragrance releases evenly each time you burn your candle. They are batch tested ensuring that you will always get the consistent scent you love from your favourite candle when you order a new one.

Remember to follow the directions when burning your candle and read how to get more hours out of your soy candle.

Choose Your Favourite Candle

At Little Olive Tree we have a variety of candles to choose from, ranging from our Scented Travel Soy Candle in a recyclable aluminium tin to our Metro Scented Soy Candles in gorgeous glass containers which can be refilled.

These are perfect as a gift and each candle is presented in a matching gift box.  

Don’t forget that if you have a favourite container, we would be delighted to fill it and transform it into a candle for you!

Candles are such a simple way to add a little beauty and luxury to your home!

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