Beeswax has great natural properties and leaves a lasting barrier on your skin.

The buzzing of a bee hive is a very powerful sound in the natural world. A hive of honey bees works hard and in unison to provide for a main cause. From gathering pollen to building a hive, they’re constantly moving around and working for the common goals of strength, creation, and survival. However, the actions and by-products of this little buzzer’s work don’t just stop at the benefit of the colony. Thanks to our little friends we are also provided with powerful uses for our own beauty benefits. Beeswax has been around for a long time, we see it often in beauty products and remedy products alike.

Discovered hundreds of years ago, beeswax was quickly harvested and used for a variety of different reasons amongst men and women. From shoe shining to candle making and of course makeup and skin care, the sticky substance was in abundance and seemed to be almost a miracle product. Since its discovery the use of beeswax has become a go-to ingredient in natural cosmetic products.

Benefits of Beeswax

  • It provides a protective barrier: the waxy nature of beeswax gives the skin a lasting protective surface barrier while still allowing the skin to breather.
  • It helps heal your skin: research suggests that beeswax contains some good antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Incidentally, this is also why honey is so great at healing wounds and scars.
  • It’s a natural thickener: it’s perfect for helping butters and creams get a nice firm creamy texture, rather than a light and watery texture.

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