Almond Oil

Almond oil brings a great all-round component to skin care.

Found in all parts of the world and able to grow under fairly flexible conditions without added chemicals to the plant, an almond bush is capable of producing mass amounts of organic almonds. Almond oil has been used for years as a form of healing and skin treatment due to its early discovery of healing properties. Rich in vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, D, E), almond oil is able to provide a very thorough range of nutrients to the body. The healthy vitamins, fat and protein levels present are sure to compliment any skin type when used cosmetically.

Treating anything from wrinkles around one’s eyes, to nourishing chapped or raw skin under arms or behind knees, or even just hunting for a softer smoother skin that is noticeable to the touch – these are all attainable through the use of one of the nut world’s biggest providers.

Benefits of Almond Oil

  • It’s a great moisturiser: it’s great for aiding in skin moisture retention, plus its lubricant-like effect is perfect for people with especially dry skin.
  • It provides anti-inflammation: it works wonders for people with minor skin allergies and inflammation, it soothes irritation and aids the healing of  minor wounds and minor skin infections.
  • It has strong rejuvenation properties: it has recognised properties which aid in skin repair, ranging from minor sun damage to aiding wrinkled or tired skin.

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