Sugar has a rich history and is commonly used in many products across the board.

Society has used sugar for a long time. It’s plentiful and cheap now, but it used to be expensive and was a rare commodity. Because of this honey was commonly used as a sweetener before sugar became easy to access. The sugarcane was native to parts of Asia and modern day India. The sugarcane was mostly overlooked until methods originating in India discovered a way to extract sugar cubes which were easy to store and transport. From India, sugar was traded around the world as ‘khanda’ which is origin of the word ‘candy’.

Benefits of Sugar

  • It encourages cell turnover: sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid, which penetrate and breaks down old & weak bonds between cells leading to new cell growth.
  • It’s a great exfoliate: sugar granules help scrub away dead skin and other blemishes. Compared to salt, it’s not as rough around the edges meaning it’s not as harsh on your skin.

We Use It In…

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