Coffee has a rich history with many cultures across the world.

We all know and love it as a drink. Coffee has a rich history with many cultures across the world dating back to as far as the 10th century. It also has a dark part of history too; after becoming widely commercially valuable slavery was used as a means to mass-produce crops during appox. 1500s – late 1800s. Today coffee is the beloved drink of the people all over the world.  Lately it has become quite the craze as a main ingredient within scrubs too. It turns out that there are good reasons for this that go beyond our basic love affair with it as a pick-me-up.

Benefits of Coffee

  • Aromatherapy properties: it can help gain a clear mind and reduce headaches.
  • It’s a natural antioxidant: which aids in reducing free radicals and reducing imperfections of the skin. This is why coffee claims usefulness for dealing with issues such as cellulite.
  • It’s a great exfoliate: the granules of coffee help scrub away dead skin and other blemishes.

We Use It In…

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