Shea Butter

Shea butter provides a great all-round foundation for natural skin care.

You’ve probably noticed that it’s becoming more and more popular lately. Well, there’s a reason for that! The discovery of shea butter (or rather, shea pulp/paste) took place in the Egyptian trading grounds of Africa thousands of years ago. The wives of traders and travellers would collect the nuts and pulpy fruit from the widely available shea tree and mash them together with small amounts of clay and water to form an oily paste which would help with the extreme toll that long hours in the Egyptian sun would take on their skin. Over hundreds of years it has become a more refined product, eventually evolving into what we know today as shea butter.

Cosmetic researchers believe that naturally occurring triglyceride, which shea butter has in spades, provide a healthy fat to restore and trap moisture upon application. In addition, the stearic and oleic acids found in the shea fruits allow the rich vitamins and fats in shea butter to penetrate skin and hair for lasting effects.

Benefits of Shea Butter

  • It’s an all-rounder: shea butter improves literally just about any skin irritation such as (but not limited to) dry skin, eczema, skin rash, peeling after sunburn, blemishes and wrinkles, itchiness, minor wounds and skin cracks.
  • It’s a great base to add other ingredients: because it’s so versatile, shea butter gives us a great foundation on which we can add other natural ingredients.

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