What Is Normal Skin?

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At Little Olive Tree we believe that ‘normal’ skin doesn’t really exist, there are just too many people each with their own range of skin characteristics.

During normal everyday life, our skin is a pretty mundane thing. We treat it almost like a fabric; it’s flexible yet strong, soft yet resilient. Our fabrics undergo a daily washing routine, often been subjected to additional preparations if we’re heading out for the night. Like our fabrics, we desire our skin to always be spotless and fresh, often regardless of what it takes to achieve. We’d rather jump in a tanning bed and add some shimmery lotion to hide any imperfections, rather than simply treating out body and skin with respect. If any imperfections arise, we’re usually reactive instead of proactive. Above all else, we opt for quick results and convenience. In the modern age consumers are swamped with so many mass-produced skin care options, we’re trying so many products that we sometimes we don’t even remember what it’s like to have ‘normal’ skin.

What Is Normal Anyway?

That’s the beauty of it! We’ve been taught that ‘normal’ skin is a standard that we should all seek to achieve. At Little Olive Tree we believe that ‘normal’ skin doesn’t really exist. There a are just too many people, each with their own range of skin characteristics, to accurately define what normal is. Though, major cosmetic companies have spent billions over decades to teach us otherwise. We’re not saying that horrible/unhealthy skin is acceptable, but having a slight dryness, or a shiny T-zone (for example), is quite common and shouldn’t raise any alarm bells!

Love what’s normal for you and keep it simple,

Nicola from Little Olive Tree

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