What Does It Mean to Be Green?

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the “green beauty movement”. It’s a fairly new movement (as in the last 20 years or so), at least for the cosmetic industry. Though, the truth is that green beauty has been with us for thousands of years! Green beauty has its roots buried deep within the wisdom of herbal lore spanning centuries across many cultures, and it’s only recently becoming embraced at the industrial level thanks to modern day plant science.

Bringing Us Closer to Nature

Green beauty & natural skin care

Natural skin care puts us back in touch with nature…

For me personally it seems obvious that there is something special about green beauty. I believe that using plant-based materials is not only better for our skin, but it puts us back in touch with nature. It is a connection with our earth. Plant-based products heal our skin as we move through our days. It’s with us in the sun, rain, wind and snow. It supports our skin as we play, laugh and cry. It gives me the feeling that we’re part of a special and delicate system, and it helps feed our spirit. When we use plants for beautification we’re re-synchronizing ourselves with our earth.

Thousands of years ago our ancestors were using plants for beautification. There was no need to call it organic skin care. It simply was, by it’s very nature, organic – there wasn’t any other option. Using pure & natural plant-based products is how we make a return to the old ways of health and beauty, when things were natural and organic by their very nature.

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