Scents of Summer

This weekend I walked out into our garden and was overcome with memories of childhood summers that have long since passed. I tried to figure out what the trigger had been.

The sun was shining but that wasn’t why.

The sky was blue but that wasn’t it.

Then I realised that it was the smell of freshly cut grass!

In my mind, that scent brought back memories of childhood days, laughing with cousins and running barefoot through garden sprinklers over crisp, green, freshly cut grass on swelteringly hot African summer afternoons.

Scents of Summer

Different smells evoke sensory memories of summer for each of us.

Perhaps it’s the smell of suntan lotion on a sandy beach, the smell of marshmallows roasting over a crackling fire on a warm night or the smell of pool chlorine that permeates your skin after so many happy hours of swimming that your fingers look like raisins!

Summer is a time to relax, play and reconnect. There is a way to bring that same feeling into your everyday life through fragrance. A strategically placed reed diffuser or candle can fill your home with that same feeling of endless summer.

Some of Our Most Popular Summer Fragrances

Scents of Summer Coconut and Lime

Coconut and Lime

What could be more summery than the zesty freshness of lime balanced with the warmth and softness of coconut? This fragrance is a blend of clean and energising citrus with notes of a creamy, freshly split island coconut.

Scents of Summer Cranberry and Pomegranate

Cranberry & Pomegranate

Cranberry and pomegranate are arguably the perfect blend of northern and southern hemisphere Christmas time with the rustic warmth of cranberry mixed with a summery burst of pomegranate.

Additional notes include lime, lemon, black raspberry and a slight hint of vanilla to create a fragrance that is both complex and refreshing.

Scents of Summer Frangipani


Frangipani is a fresh floral scent carried on a tropical breeze. Just close your eyes and be whisked away to an island beach, the white sand between your toes with the waves gently lapping your ankles as you walk along the ocean lined with palm trees.

Scents of Summer Pohutakawa


Pohutukawa trees are synonymous with summer in New Zealand, with many Kiwis believing that summer only starts when the striking red flowers appear.

Fill your home with all the summer vibes with this unique woody and floral scent.

Create Your Summer Memories

There are a variety of beautiful ways to fill your home with the scent of summer. All of our wonderful summer fragrances are available to purchase in our Soy Candles, Reed Diffusers and Soy Melts.

If you are not sure which one to choose, order a Soy Melt Sample Pack with each of the different summer scents and then select your favourite in time to place your Christmas orders.

Create a new ritual shared with loved ones as you light your favourite Little Olive Tree candle to mark the start of summer and then enjoy throughout the season – a scent you will all associate with happy memories together.

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