Plastic-Free Living

Plastic Free LivingHappy New Year and welcome to what is shaping up to be a beautiful beginning to 2019! We hope you all had time to enjoy the gorgeous weather over the holiday break.

It’s that time when everyone is working hard on sticking to their New Year resolutions – and we are, too. This year, one of our big goals is to go plastic-free! We’ve always been passionate about creating natural, eco-friendly products and this seems like the logical next step in our commitment to ethical trading and living.

Plastic, Plastic Everywhere

It’s a sad reality that our lives have become completely wrapped up in plastic. Since the 1950s, production of plastic has increased year on year – by 2015, a total of 8.3 billion metric tonnes had been produced. That’s equivalent to the weight of one billion elephants. All that plastic has to go somewhere – globally, just over 20% is recycled or incinerated but a massive 79% ends up in landfill or throughout nature. Every year, humans deposit eight million metric tonnes of plastic into our oceans. It has even been found in some of the most far-reaching and highly protected areas of the globe, including Antarctica.

Plastic-Free Tips and Tricks

It may seem like a life without plastic is impossible, but it is important to remember that plastic production only became big in the 1950s. There are people alive today who will remember time before the ubiquity of plastic.

Moving towards living a plastic-free life is all about taking small steps to reduce your plastic use.

  • Reusable Shopping Bags – Thankfully, many of New Zealand’s supermarkets and other shops have moved towards banning single-use plastic bags. Government regulations will come in to play by mid-2019, which is even more encouraging. Remember to take reusable bags on your shopping trips, not just to the supermarket, but when you visit the mall or farmers’ markets.
  • Personal Hygiene Products – Moving away from bottled shampoos and body washes can have a massive impact on your plastic use. There are now many options for shampoo/conditioning bars and non-drying soap bars. Even better, you can buy metal tins for storage. Check out our Body Lotion and Whipped Shea Body Butter for beautiful moisturising products that come in eco-friendly metal tins.
  • Reusable Food and Drink Containers – How many coffee cups do you go through in a week? There are so many gorgeous options for reusable takeaway coffee cups now and many cafes will offer a discount on your latte when you bring your own cup. If you tend to make your own coffee at home or in the office, get your new favourite coffee mug with our limited edition Candle with a Handle. These are our naturally-scented candles with wooden wicks in a stylish Toodles Noodles mug.

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