Our Simple Approach to Sustainability

Most of our loyal customers have found us after searching for natural skin and home fragrance products that actually work AND don’t impact our environment. 

Our mission to create a range of eco-friendly, natural products that make your life better is threaded through everything we do.

We care about you and we care about our planet. It’s that simple! 

Our Simple Approach to Sustainability

Only Natural, Eco-Friendly Ingredients

Everyone knows how important it is to nourish our bodies and minds with healthy, nutrient-rich food but have you ever thought about what you breathe in or absorb through your skin? No one wants to ingest harmful chemicals or toxins which can damage our health and endocrine systems.

We have always been very intentional about using only the highest quality ingredients in all of our products. You won’t find any unnecessary fillers, unpronounceable chemicals, or nasty toxins.

We carefully source ingredients that are grown sustainably and produced ethically. None of our products are ever tested on animals, only on our lovely customers who say they will now never go back to chemical-laden skincare and fragrance again!

Zero-Waste Packaging

All of our body care and home fragrance products are packaged in recyclable glass and aluminium containers.

There is increasing pressure on recycling centres around the world and we love hearing how many of our customers reuse containers – asking us to refill their candle jars or using our cute aluminium tins to store their earrings and hair clips!

We use minimal packaging when shipping your items to you – no unnecessary plastic puffs and excessive wrapping. The cardboard and wood-wool in our packaging are fully biodegradable and recyclable.

3 Reasons Why Buying From Little Olive Tree Is a Better Choice for You and Our Planet

  1. We care about you – that’s why we have researched and use only the best ingredients that we know will make you look and feel wonderful.
  2. We care about our planet – all of our eco-friendly ingredients come from sustainable sources, with no nasty and unnecessary testing on animals.
  3. Simple is always better – natural products that will invigorate, uplift and indulge your senses without harming our environment, all made right here in beautiful New Zealand.

Enjoy our products knowing that you are caring for your self and the environment!

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