Microbeads Might Be Banned in New Zealand


NZ is putting pressure on Microbead products.

It’s official, New Zealand is on the bandwagon to ban the sale of personal care products that contain plastic microbeads. A recent news article explains that Nick Smith (the NZ environment minister) and the National government has announced a proposal outlawing the sale of microbead products. Microbead products have already been banned in the US and Canada, while the UK is considering clamping down too. Overall this is great news for New Zealand and the environment as a whole!

The risk of microbeads relates to the damage they do once washed down the drain. Thousands of tiny beads of plastic are ending up in waterways and the ocean, ultimately harming plant and animal life. Fish and other creatures eat the plastic mistaking it for food. Certain shellfish are also at risk, as many species filter-feed indiscriminately and they can’t avoid microbeads. Not to mention that these plastic beads take decades to break down. All of this is causing significant damage to the environment and wildlife, and we’re all effected by in one way or another. It’s no wonder that microbeads have steadily attracted so much negative attention over the last few years.

Without such a ban, New Zealand risks becoming a dumping ground for large conglomerates who aren’t able to sell their microbead products in other larger markets. I for one am grateful that we’re taking action and upholding our responsibility to the earth!

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