It’s the Little Things

Have you ever started a new week promising yourself that THIS week will be the one when you finally achieve that elusive balance between work, parenting, managing your home (or just keeping it clean!) and taking care of yourself?

And have you ever got to the following Sunday night and suddenly remembered the intention you set at the beginning of the week, which you totally forgot about by Monday afternoon?

You are not alone. And even if we do manage to be rock-star parents, employees, business owners, home-makers – looking after ourselves is often last on the list because, let’s be honest, there are only so many hours in a day.

But take heart! Here at Little Olive Tree, we are all about keeping it simple and we have some suggestions that will help you add small moments of self-care into your day. These take very little time and require minimal effort but can make all the difference!

Place tins of Hand and Body Lotion beside your kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Little Olive Tree Hand and Body Lotion 50g

After cleaning dishes or washing your hands, take a minute to rub the cream into your hands and enjoy the relaxing and invigorating essential oils.

Your hands will feel soft and hydrated and the lingering fragrance will delight you as you continue through your day. (picture of hand creams)

Drink more water!

We all know how important it is to drink enough water but it’s so easy to forget to actually do it! Buy yourself a water bottle that you really like – there are some beautiful glass, metal or BPA-free ones available.

Fill it each morning when you brush your teeth. Keep it with you during the day, sipping away and you will feel so proud of yourself each time you need to refill it. Your brain and body will thank you for keeping them hydrated!

Keep your lips looking & feeling great!

Our lips can often be neglected in our beauty routines so it is a good idea to keep a lip balm in your car console where you can see it.

Little Olive Tree Shea Butter Lip Balm

When you get into your car in the morning, take a few seconds to apply the restorative blend of shea and cocoa butter to keep your lips moisturised and protected from the elements.

It will soon become a habit and your lips will be soft, hydrated and wear lipstick well.

Keep a tin of Lavender Hand and Body Lotion next to your bed.

Each night before you go to sleep, massage the nourishing cream into your hands and cuticles. Take slow, deep breaths, allowing the lavender essential oil to relax your mind while you think about something good that happened during the day. You will fall asleep with a grateful heart and wake with moisturised, beautiful hands that won’t age prematurely.

These ideas are not meant to be just more things to add to your never-ending To Do list and feel guilty about not doing. Even if you manage to incorporate just one of these self-care habits into your daily routine, it will have a lasting effect on your health and well-being.

What better gift can you give to yourself?

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