How Will You Make the Most of Winter

We have just marked Winter Solstice and the daylight hours will slowly start to increase. This delights many of us but don’t be too quick to wish the next few months away!

Let’s take the time to enjoy and appreciate the remaining weeks of winter! Here are some simple, fun ideas to make the most of the remaining weeks of winter.

Dinner Party Time (our personal favourite)

How Will You Make the Most of Winter

Host a dinner party with family or friends. Cook a hearty, comforting meal or do a potluck dinner enjoyed with mulled wine.

Set the table with your special crockery that you always promise to use “one day” and place a small gift like a lip balm at each guest place setting.

Play board games or Charades after dinner for a laugh!

Honourable Mentions

Here are some other easy ideas to get into the winter spirit!

  • Light a candle each evening in recognition of the longer days due to the southern hemisphere starting to tilt towards the sun again. We recommend making the most of seasonal scents like Sandalwood & Musk or Vanilla.
  • In nature, winter is a time of rest and dormancy. Give yourself permission to slow down and be still. It’s the perfect time for a relaxing bath using our soothing bath salts with your favourite book and playlist.
  • Now is the time to do those winter art and craft projects that you have been planning before the temperature starts to warm up again. Get out the wool and needles, your paints and canvas or scrapbooking papers and use this time indoors to be creative!
  • Take care of your skin which is often neglected during winter, hidden under layers of clothing. Exfoliate with our Coffee Body Scrubs and then moisturise with Body Butter or Hand & Body Lotion. Your body will feel soft and smooth and you will be so glad when summer rolls around and your skin is nourished!
  • Make the most of the increasing sunlight and try to spend more time outdoors each day to get your dose of Vitamin D. Go for a walk around your garden, your neighbourhood, a nearby lake or just sit in the sun for a few minutes with a cup of tea and enjoy the stillness.
  • The second half of winter is the perfect opportunity to plan for spring, both literally and figuratively. What seeds do you want to plant in your life next season? Take some time now to contemplate and plan for any new habits, ideas, thoughts or dreams you want to bring into your life.

These beautiful words by Millie Gounder-Flynn perfectly describe what it means to embrace this season:

“As the fires burn brightly and we sing of the Sun rising, again victorious against the darkness, the beauty of creation lives in the light of our hearts and is born daily in the seeds we plant with our words, actions and intentions. Out of the darkest and most challenging situations we can choose to grow and evolve, just as a majestic butterfly emerges from the solace of a dark cocoon, awakening and bursting forth into the Sun’s light and finally exuding the magnificent beauty that has lain hidden within. The message of Winter Solstice is one of the exquisite magic of transformation and change that weaves our soul’s truth with the physical world.”

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