Celebrating the Special Men in Our Lives

We’re a family team here at Little Olive Tree and Gavin is our guy who makes it all work behind-the-scenes with our website.

He’s much more than just that though, he is also a very supportive (patient!) husband and a wonderful Dad to our two young girls. With Father’s Day just around the corner, Gavin sat down and shared his thoughts about fatherhood with us.

What do you remember most about the days your girls were born?

It all just went so quickly. I’d been told to expect labour to go on for hours and hours. Both times though, the girls didn’t muck around.

Especially Brinley – I remember that we were in the hospital and in the early stages of labour with a long road ahead of us. So I popped down to the car for some supplies, a 7 minute round trip, and when I got back Brinley was just chilling there. I had missed the big moment!

Both kids arrived with an eager “Let’s do this!” attitude and they haven’t stopped since.

I feel pretty lucky really, especially since I wasn’t even the one doing all the work ;)

What are some of the best things about being a Dad?

Making your kids laugh. Playing with the kids and making them laugh is so satisfying.

What are some of the hardest things about being a Dad?

Before having kids, things were so simple. Now there’s a constant work-life balance that I always seem to muck up.

Is there anything your father/special male role model taught you that you use in your parenting now?

Really, just to make sure that you tell your kids that you love them. Don’t be afraid to show them affection and let them know that their Dad loves them.

What have you learnt about yourself since becoming a Dad?

That even when I think I’m failing in whatever respect, those girls will still love me. For me, it’s a lesson that I need to always do my best to be a good Dad, but even when I mess up, it’s not the end of the world.

What do you wish or hope for your girls as they grow up?

I hope that they can live in a society where women are valued more, a world where it’s not dangerous just because you’re a woman. I hope that they are strong and follow their dreams. I hope that they learn to love who they are, both inside and out.

What do you love most about each of your girls?

Emmalyn is just smashing it! She loves school (and does well), has a good group of friends and enjoys a range of hobbies. She’s full of life, laughter and fun, and I’m super proud of her. What more could a Dad ask for?

Brinley’s only 4 but she’s so independent. She sees everything that Emmalyn does and thinks “Yeah, I can totally do that!” and really gives it a good honest crack. She is so strong-willed and loves to explore and be curious. It all combines to some very hard work as a parent (a lot of negotiating), but it makes me happy to see her so strong at such a young age.

What are some of your favourite Little Olive Tree products that you would recommend to other men?

Little Olive Tree Shea Butter Lip Balm

I use Lip Balm all the time. I love keeping one in the fridge door and putting it on before bed. It’s also especially good after a day outside in the sun and wind.

Little Olive Tree Coffee Body Scrub 250g

I use our Coffee Body Scrub on my face and it feels great! It can also be applied top-to-toe, which is perfect if you need an excuse to stay in the hot shower for a few extra minutes (especially now in the winter!).

Little Olive Tree Bath Salts 250g

I don’t use our bath salts as often as I’d like, but I really love the chance when it comes along. I love running a steaming hot bath, putting in some bath salts, turning off all the lights and just laying in the quiet darkness. Such a great way to relax, especially if you’ve been doing a lot of physical work that day.

Little Olive Tree Hand and Body Lotion

I love how our body lotion feels even though I don’t use it much myself. But damn it makes your wife smell good ;)

What do the girls love most about their Dad?

Emmalyn (8 years old)
Dad is funny, special, cheerful and happy. I love it when he chases me and when he takes me to the playground. He is cool and helpful. I love Dad 100 billion!

Brinley (4 years old)
He plays with me and he runs around with me and pretends he is a monster. I love Dad 10 hundred billion!

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