A Spa Day at Home

So many women put themselves last on their To-Do lists, if they are even on the list to begin with!

Today I am inviting you to set some time aside for YOU! To take care of yourself so that you are invigorated, and looking and feeling gorgeous for the upcoming summer season.

The good news is, a complete spa session doesn’t have to mean an expensive trip to the salon. Here are my 5 steps to creating a sublime spa day at home using 100% natural, New Zealand made products:

1. Set the Scene

If possible, set aside some time when you will not be interrupted by family or phones.  Put on your favourite music or nature sounds playlist and prepare to pamper yourself!

2. Create the Atmosphere

Light a few candles around the room to create a relaxing mood. As you breathe in the natural essential oils and hear the wooden wicks crackle, your mind and body will begin to feel renewed and refreshed.

I recommend  Coconut & Lime – the energizing and fresh aroma with a dash of creamy split coconut will transport you to a tropical island. Another popular scent is French Lavender, with its soothing and healing qualities, enhanced by a touch of clary sage, patchouli & rosemary.

Little Olive Tree Metro Scented Soy Candle

I also like to use my Himalayan Salt Lamp in the room. The lamp releases ions known to improve your sense of wellbeing and I love the relaxing, flickering glow.

Little Olive Tree Himalayan Salt Lamp

3. Soak or Scrub

It’s time now to run a bath and sprinkle in half a cup of bath salts.  The mineral-rich salts and jojoba oil will draw out all your stress and tension as you lay back in the water and relax. You can read all about the many benefits of our bath salts here.  

While I soak in the bath, I love to burn my Rosewood and Musk Scented Soy Travel Candle. When I am finished, I just blow it out and pop the lid back on. It looks great beside the bath!

If you prefer to shower, rub generous handfuls of Coffee Body Scrub all over your body from your feet to your face, using circular motions towards your heart. This improves circulation and lymphatic drainage while exfoliating and moisturising your skin.  You can find out why we love to use coffee in our scrub in this blog post.

Little Olive Tree Coffee Body Scrub 250g

4. Nourish Your Skin

The best time to moisturise your skin is when it is still damp after a bath or shower. Choose either our popular Body Lotion or luscious Body Butter and massage it gently into your skin. The carefully selected butters and oils will be absorbed into your skin’s deeper layers, leaving it radiant and smooth.

5. Show Your Feet Some Love

Put on your favourite movie or soundtrack, make sure you have enough yummy snacks and drinks, and then get started with your pedicure!

Fill a bucket with warm water, grab a towel and your Minty Foot Scrub and Minty Foot Balm. We have full instructions for our Special Little Olive Tree pedicure here in one of our most popular blog posts.

While you are doing your pedicure, don’t forget your hands! Our hardworking hands are often neglected and their delicate skin can take a beating. Rub some Minty Foot Scrub into each finger, nail bed, and palm of your hand, paying special attention to the delicate skin on the tops of your hands. Once you have exfoliated the dead skin cells, moisturise with Hand and Body Lotion or even the Foot Balm if your hands and cuticles are very dry.

Little Olive Tree NZ Made Natural Body Care

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