4 Lifestyle Trends to Love in 2020

Clean Living

Clean living is about going back to basics and living as naturally as possible. This is not a new trend but it is growing in strength and becoming more mainstream.

Just go into any grocery store and look at their shelves of beauty products and see how many claim to be “clean”, “natural” and “organic”. Turn those plastic bottles and tubes around and read the lists of ingredients… Do they sound clean, natural or organic to you?

Here at Little Olive Tree, it has always been one of our core values to only use simple, natural ingredients from ethically sourced distributors.

This is true across our range of body products and home fragrances. That means you won’t breathe in any harmful chemicals when you use our candles and reed diffusers. No nasty, unpronounceable ingredients will be absorbed by your skin when you use our body care products.

How can this make your life better?

4 Lifestyle Trends to Love in 2020

We are proud that you can make an informed decision when you use our products, and that they are actually good for you – it’s that simple!


Have you ever spent time out in nature and come home feeling relaxed, invigorated and even inspired?

You might laugh but this has a name now!  Ecotherapy describes the restorative and healing effect that time spent in nature has on our mental and physical well-being.

Forest Bathing (yes, it’s a real thing!) is a massive new trend in 2020, originating from the Japanese Shinrin-yoku, which means “to take in the forest atmosphere”. Even the Duchess of Cambridge is a fan!

How can this make your life better?

4 Lifestyle Trends to Love in 2020

Turn off your phone, take off your shoes and get out into nature. We have many beautiful walks, parks, and gardens in New Zealand, just waiting to be enjoyed.

Minimise Waste

This is all about reducing our mindless over-consumption and the resulting waste that is filling our precious planet. Just because you throw something “away” doesn’t mean that it disappears – it may remain on the Earth longer than your lifetime!

We have been at the forefront of this important lifestyle trend, always packaging our body care products and home fragrances in reusable, recyclable tin and glass containers.

How can this make your life better?

Little Olive Tree NZ Made Natural Body Care
All of our products use recyclable packaging.

A good place to start is with your home and beauty products.  When your plastic, shop-bought containers are empty, try and recycle as many as you can and then switch to personal care products in eco-friendly packaging.

Blue Zone Fitness

If you haven’t heard of this before, you will soon!

Inspired by those who live the longest in the Blue Zones of the world, people are starting to incorporate exercise into their daily lives rather than doing it as a separate, scheduled activity.

Basically, it involves moving more while you go about your day. Use the stairs, walk or cycle to work, park further away from the shop and walk. Do squats while you wait for the kettle to boil. Set a timer and work at your computer for 30 minutes and then do 5 Star Jumps or Sun Salutations.

How can this make your life better?

Coffee Body Scrub

Short bursts of activity throughout the day improve your physical and mental health significantly. They are free and simple to incorporate into your day.

Light an invigorating candle, put on your music and dance while you clean the house. Do stretches in the shower while you exfoliate your body with your favourite coffee scrub.

It’s simple really, isn’t it?

Mainstream media is calling these trends, but they’re just simple common sense, aren’t they? Sometimes we all we need is a gentle reminder to refocus our attention on what’s important and get back to basics.

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